Writing a new
in a territory of

The legend tells that in ancient times an ox used to suddenly kneel down while plowing the land.
The farmer, interested by the fact, decided to dig where the ox used to kneel down evey day and there he found an ancient wooden cross. In the curch of Santa Croce in Casteltermini, you can still admire that cross, that is considered on of the most ancient findings of the Paleochristian Age.

The lands surrounding our farm are steeped in this fantastic tale and we like to think that the soil that nurtures our olive grove and our almond trees still maintains that ancient sacredness. At the same time, we truly believe that the secret of quality lies in the right balance between tradition and innovation.

The farm and the territory

Centuries-old experience and
tradition for the creation
of a new product

In twenty years of activity, we build a solid farming reality that combines the respect for traditions and nature with contemporary and rational production processes.
A thousand almond trees and almost four thousand olive trees are our main treasure. We harvest fruits partially by hand and partially by employing compressor harvesters that do not damage the plants.

The Cumbo oil mill located in Aragona, with 150 years of experience in the art of olive oil extraction, takes care of cold pressing with great accuracy in every phase of the process. The olive oil is then stored under nitrogen in steel silos, to preserve its organoleptic features.

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